1809 – Diplomat in Russia

Capodistrias settled in St Petersburg, following an invitation from the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Empire to serve in the country’s diplomatic corp. He arrived in the Russian Empire’s capital in January 1809, following a very difficult journey. He never got used to the Russian climate. However, he did learn Russian and studied in the extensive libraries of the Hermitage and the imperial family. Initially, he was appointed state council to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Gradually he became connected to the tsar and had a brilliant career. At the time Capodistrias served in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Russia was at the height of her power: she held a leading position in European affairs and was a global might empire.

Symphony No 6 ‘Pastoral’ was composed by L. v. Beethoven (1770-1827) in 1808.
Below, you can hear the first movement, entitled ‘Allegro ma non troppo’.